We Never Planned To Set Up Airline In Nigeria — Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines has said that it never had the intention of setting up an airline in Nigeria, but was invited to do so by the Federal Gov­ernment.

Ethiopian Airlines has also vowed not to cancel the Nigeria Air project as it continues to re­ceive assurances from the Federal Government.

The airline also said that the Federal Government claimed that the country lacked dependable airlines in the domestic and inter­national markets and wanted it to help it to set up one in Nigeria.

Speaking with some select jour­nalists in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Mr. Mesfin Tasew, Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO), Ethio­pian Airlines, said that its pedigree made the Federal Government to invite it to set up a national carrier for Nigeria.

Based on its agreement with the Federal Government, Ethiopian Airlines had planned partnering with the government for the estab­lishment of Nigeria Air.

The airline claimed it owned 49 percent stake in the airline, while the Federal Government and oth­er private investors from Nigeria owned 51 percent stake.

Tasew explained that because of its engagements, it at first resist­ed the invitation, but later agreed due to its long relationship with Nigeria.

The East African airline GCEO emphasized that while the carrier and the Nigerian government were preparing the shareholding, it re­ceived a message that some com­panies and airlines in Nigeria were defaming it and the government and had gone to court to obtain an order stopping the establishment of Nigeria Air.

Source: https://independent.ng/we-never-planned-to-set-up-airline-in-nigeria-ethiopian-airlines/

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