Reach for Change Ethiopia Announces 1st Cohort of Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellows

Twelve innovative EdTech ventures have been selected to join the inaugural Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship program in Ethiopia. The program, led by Reach for Change Ethiopia, aims to support the growth and impact of EdTech solutions designed to bridge the education gap for underserved communities.

“These 12 EdTech Fellows have the potential to transform education and empower millions of young learners across Ethiopia,” stated Mekdim Gullilat, Country Manager of Reach for Change Ethiopia. “We are committed to working with the Mastercard Foundation to help them scale their solutions and create a more inclusive learning environment for all children.”

The three-year Fellowship program will support a total of 36 EdTech enterprises, providing each cohort with critical business and financial guidance, access to industry experts, and equity-free funding of USD$60,000. The first cohort includes a diverse range of EdTech solutions, addressing challenges such as limited access to quality education in rural areas, personalized learning experiences, and digital skills development.

“This Fellowship program is fostering the development of locally-driven solutions to improve access to quality education across Africa,” said Joseph Nsengimana, Director of the Mastercard Foundation Centre for Innovative Teaching and Learning. “We are excited to see the impact these EdTech ventures will have on young learners in Ethiopia.”

The selected EdTech Fellows include:

  • Ahaz Platforms PLC: Providing a digital learning platform to improve access and teaching consistency.
  • Dynamo Center for Technology: Delivering personalized online educational tools to students in urban and rural areas.
  • Enechawet Games: Creating interactive AR educational resources for children aged 4 to 12.
  • Fidel Tutorial: Offering personalized tutoring services for all grades, both in-person and online.
  • Globe Dock: Utilizing AI-powered learning and data insights to personalize education experiences.
  • Koderlab Training Center: Addressing the lack of access to IT education by providing software and hardware training opportunities.
  • Kuraz Technologies: Developing a comprehensive suite of EdTech platforms focused on affordability, accessibility, and personalization.
  • Muya Space: Connecting learners with skilled artisans through an interactive online platform for TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) services.
  • Muyalogy: Bridging the skills gap with a personalized curriculum and user-friendly learning platform.
  • Qalam Education Platform: Offering personalized online learning solutions to tackle high failure rates among Grade 12 students.
  • Softnet Solutions: Improving school management and enhancing education for students with special needs through their Pi School System.
  • Whiz Kid’s Tsehai for Families (T4F): Supporting holistic child development through online courses, TV/radio shows, and community outreach.

This initiative highlights the growing focus on harnessing technology to improve access to quality education and empower young learners across Ethiopia. The Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship program is expected to play a significant role in supporting the development and scaling of innovative EdTech solutions that address the country’s specific educational needs.

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