Ovid Construction Celebrates Milestone on Awar CSR Round 4 Project

Ovid Construction, a subsidiary of leading conglomerate Ovid Group, recently marked a significant milestone on the Awar CSR Round 4 project. The project, commissioned by the Prime Minister's Office, exemplifies Ovid Group's commitment to excellence and community development.

Over 70% Complete in Two Months

An appreciation lunch held on June 8th at the project site celebrated the impressive achievement of completing approximately 70% of the project within just two months. The lunch served as a morale booster for the nearly 700 site and head office employees involved, encouraging them to maintain their momentum and ensure timely completion by the August 10th deadline.

Project Details and Impact

The Awar CSR Round 4 project involves constructing five high-rise blocks, each offering residential units, ground-floor shops, and communal amenities in the basement. These amenities include laundry facilities, a traditional kitchen, and storage spaces. Each block will encompass 364 square meters and will be landscaped for an enhanced aesthetic.

This project is expected to have a positive impact on the community by providing essential residential and commercial spaces. It aligns with Ovid Group’s core principle of giving back and their broader mission of driving positive change through responsible practices.

Engineer Asmare Walle’s Statement

Engineer Asmare Walle, CEO of Ovid Construction, emphasized the team’s dedication and skill: “The progress we have made in just two months is a testament to the skill and determination of our team. This project not only enhances the community but also reflects our core values of quality and innovation. We are committed to delivering this project on time and to the highest standards.”

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