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Setup to be more classy than flashy, Romina has opened another unique branch in Kazanchis, on Nega mall, that gives you a feel of being home while feeling like letting go.

One of the most memorable times of my university years was hanging out at Romina Café and Restaurant, Arat Kilo. I remember all my friends and I used to gather there especially after receiving our monthly cost sharing food. The food was amazing and so was the hospitality. It was almost our second home, whether it was to grab quick coffee, hang out with some rounds of beer or dine, it was always our favorite location.

Recently, Romina has opened another unique branch in Kazanchis, on Nega mall, right in front of Zemen Bank HQ. I had the opportunity to visit this special lounge restaurant on Friday. In addition to sampling some of their finest food on the menu, I had the privilege of touring the new facility with the manager. The kitchen is set up exceptionally to cater all forms of local and international dishes with chefs who have been in the hospitality business for a while now. My friends and I ordered chicken briyani, some fish fingers and chicken pizza. Obviously, All Romina branches are known for their delicious pizzas and this is no exception. The chicken briyani was served in a generous amount and was very tasty and filling. If you are a cocktail lover, this is where you will find plenty of options, make sure you check out the cocktail bar. It has a classy old school bar set up in the left room and amazing wide cocktail bar on the room located to the right of the entrance.
As you walk in through the entrance, you can make your way to the right where you will find exquisite bar where you can spend great time with friends and loved ones over various selection of drinks. If you decide to go to the left, that is where the DJ set up is located and live bands perform, the light is a bit dimer and cozier.
Every aspect of the setup is more classy than flashy. It makes you feel at home while giving you the feeling of letting go. Hasset Acoustics will be performing live for four consecutive Fridays. Go check them out and witness the good time at Romina Lounge.

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