Johnnie Walker and Trace partner to launch the Keep Walking: Africa Top 30 list of cultural shape shifters

THE KEEP WALKING: AFRICA TOP 30 LIST Celebrates African creatives who are boldy pushing culture forward across the continent & abroad.

Johannesburg, September 27, 2022: Johnnie Walker™ and Trace have partnered in an innovative new initiative, KEEP WALKING: AFRICA TOP 30, a definitive list recognising next generation cultural shapeshifters from across the African continent.

The List will identify and celebrate 30 next gen African cultural pioneers and visionaries who are not always recognised for it but are boldly pushing culture forward and making impact on the continent’s creative economy across music, film, media, fashion, and art.

The list of nominees will be revealed in October while members of the public are also encouraged to vote for cultural shapeshifters who they believe have given impetus to and moved culture forward, both across Africa and abroad.

“The culture is shifting across Africa in the most amazing ways, and we want this list to be a true reflection of the best next generation of cultural innovators from across the continent. We want creators to know that we see them, we hear them, and we celebrate them for their excellence. Trace is delighted to be partnering with Johnnie Walker™ in bringing this new awards platform to life,” says Valentine Gaudin-Muteba, Trace Managing Director, Southern Africa.

Committed to a spirit of progress and moving forward for over 200 years – and today working with some of the world’s top artists – Johnnie Walker™ celebrates stories of creative energy, determination and pushing boundaries. This legacy continues with the KEEP WALKING: AFRICA TOP 30 platform in which Johnnie Walker™ and Trace have worked with top talent managers and industry leaders across the continent to identify a definitive list of pan-African cultural shape shifters.

KEEP WALKING: AFRICA TOP 30 comes at a time when trends for Africa’s creative economy are overwhelmingly positive. UNESCO reports indicate that Africa’s still largely untapped film industry could quadruple revenue to $20 billion, and create an additional 20 million jobs, while digital music streaming revenue in Africa is expected to reach US$500 million by 2025.

“These figures all indicate that now is the moment for African creatives to showcase their talents and be acknowledged both on the continent and globally. Our intention for the KEEP WALKING: AFRICA TOP 30 list is to not only recognize them but to be an inspiration to all African creators to take bold steps in shifting the continent’s culture, especially as the world re-opens after lockdown,” says Adrian De Wet, Category Brand Manager, Beer and Reserve – Partner and Emerging Markets.

“In the spirit of our founder, John Walker, who had to innovate the status quo of how Whisky was blended, packaged and delivered to the world and which revolutionized the Whisky world forever, we applaud and celebrate those who tread their own paths and leave big steps in their wake.”

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