Have you seen her?

Bold and Beautiful ladies are gracing the streets of Addis with a brilliant idea.

Ayehuat phenomena is running wild across Addis Ababa. People got caught off guard when beautiful ladies with Afro hair style dressed all black stormed the city streets creating an immediate impact that begs the question  “who are these girls”. They walk in confidence, they talk  to you politely and most of all they look stunning. 
The idea is simple and frankly utterly brilliant. Habesha breweries  comes up with great ideas when it comes to promotion and marketing strategies . Do we really see the environment around us or are we just passing by opportunities? Have you seen the afro girl who is walking next to you dressed up all black  and looking rather astonishing? Well you might want to start looking around because its something not to miss. 
Habesha breweries outdo themselves every time by any measurements . This campaign is not any different. It was surprising and it’s  a trend setter on the digital platform, This is probably the only experiential campaign that linked brilliantly on social platforms and trended on Ethiopian digital sphere. It makes people talk about it and share pictures with the #Ayehuat generating more reach and creating talking points all over social media.  Many people wondered where the girls came from and started asking them questions. The ladies are friendly and confident. Habesha truly brought to life their iconic logo on the label and manifested it through hundreds of beautiful looking Ethiopians. They tell you the reason and they ask if  you want to take a picture. Which I did.  Well, who would say no to that? All you have to do after taking the picture is post it on social media using #Ayehuat for a chance to win great deal of special prizes. 
Thinking about the brain storming session for this campaign at Habesha breweries, I cant help but admire the motives behind this particular promotion. Even though  the brand is the main focus, the message it sends to Ethiopian people is to be proud with their afro hair, to stand out from the crowd and to be confident whatever you’re doing in your life. This is interesting , eye catching, new, inclusive and genius. 
Overall, Habesha’s take on coming up with new ideas and executing them with full devotion is appreciated. We need a reminder on how we can use our resources to create something memorable that can go with the brand’s value. The main point of marketing is to stay relevant by creating something memorable and fresh, Boy do they do that!!! It has been the talk of the city for the past week and as long as they continue to be creative and executing it well, they  will continue to be Ethiopia’s brand ambassador globally. Looking forward to what they are going to storm the city with next.

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