German Climate Envoy Visits Ethiopia, Focuses on Green Collaboration

Germany's Special Envoy for International Climate Action, Jennifer Morgan, is set to visit Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Kenya. Ahead of her trip, Morgan highlighted key areas of focus, including collaboration on energy transition and climate policy.

In her statement, Morgan emphasized bilateral talks with Ethiopian officials in Addis Ababa. These discussions will center on transitioning to cleaner energy sources and developing effective climate policies. Additionally, she plans to exchange views with the African Union on the critical link between climate change and security.

“Throughout my visit, I will engage with a wide range of stakeholders,” Morgan noted. “This includes national and international partners, civil society representatives, and businesses. Our discussions will delve into the specific situations of each country, the extent of climate damage, and most importantly, finding sustainable and economically viable solutions.”

Morgan underscored the vital role African nations play in the global shift towards clean energy. “These countries are crucial partners for Germany and the European Union in achieving a green transition,” she stated. “Africa’s vast potential for renewable energy presents exciting opportunities for its people and fosters collaboration with Europe.”

This visit signifies Germany’s commitment to working with African nations in tackling climate change and building a more sustainable future.

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