Ethiopia Unveils DFS Hub: A Digital Gateway to Financial Inclusion

Ethiopian data and media firm Shega is leading the charge for financial inclusion with the launch of the DFS (Digital Finance Service) Ethiopia Hub. This groundbreaking platform serves as a one-stop shop for stakeholders, offering a wealth of data, insights, and resources to navigate the ever-changing digital finance landscape in Ethiopia.

The DFS Ethiopia Hub is a cornerstone of the three-year AKOFADA project (“Advancing Knowledge on Financial Accessibility and DFS Adoption”). AKOFADA aims to bridge the financial inclusion gap by empowering stakeholders with knowledge, promoting relevant services, and fostering trust in digital financial tools.

The official launch, held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, saw participation from government officials, local and international players in the financial sector, and various stakeholders.

“The DFS Ethiopia Hub represents a significant leap forward in our mission to empower individuals and businesses with knowledge,” stated Nathnael Tsegaw, Manager of Shega Insights. “By leveraging cutting-edge technology and high-quality data, the platform will redefine how we understand and deliver digital financial services. This will enable more informed decision-making and support the expansion of financial inclusion in rural and underserved areas.”

Unveiling a Wealth of Information

The DFS Ethiopia Hub empowers stakeholders across the financial services sector with a range of features:

  • Data Powerhouse: Users gain access to a vast repository of DFS and related data, enabling data-driven strategic decision-making.
  • Local Knowledge Hub: Shega’s in-house expertise translates into original articles, case studies, and reports, providing users with unique insights on the Ethiopian DFS landscape.
  • Centralized Resource Center: The platform functions as a one-stop shop for curated news articles, reports, assessments, and discussions on Ethiopian DFS, facilitating easy access to essential information.

The launch event also featured an insightful panel discussion focusing on the role of data-driven decision-making in areas like financial services delivery, product development, and achieving financial inclusion. Experts shared their perspectives and experiences, highlighting the DFS Ethiopia Hub’s potential to drive significant progress in the sector.

The Ethiopian government has set an ambitious target of achieving financial inclusion for 70% of adults by 2025. The DFS Ethiopia Hub, along with the AKOFADA project, positions Shega as a key player in supporting this national goal by encouraging the use of digital accounts for payments and accessing wider financial products.

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