Enkopa: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Tech

An unprecedented industry event centered around entrepreneurship and innovation, inaugurated in Addis Ababa

Enkopa Summit is taking place for two consecutive days at the Millennium Hall in Addis Ababa. It is providing a platform for exploration and collaboration in Ethiopia’s dynamic business and technology landscape.

The Summit recognizes the urgent need for transformative action and aims to drive Ethiopia into a new era of prosperity. This is done by aligning with the demands of its growing population, the aspirations of its youth, and external economic pressures. By bringing together local and regional decision-makers, experts, innovators, investors, and corporate leaders, Enkopa Summit serves as a catalyst for purpose- driven conversations.

Enkopa Summit offers a comprehensive program covering a wide range of topics while providing valuable networking opportunities. The event aims to facilitate connections and collaborations, catalyzing the creation and acceleration of ventures that will reshape Ethiopia and the continent.

Enkopa Summit is an annual industry event designed to constantly inject innovation, tech, and collaboration in entrepreneurship within Ethiopia and the East-Africa region. It brings together a diverse group of decision-makers and stakeholders, including industry leaders, entrepreneurs, founders, technology innovators, startups, high-level government representatives, and investors. 

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