BGI to Move Addis Ababa factory to Meta Plant in Sebeta and Maichew

BGI-Ethiopia, launches its VISION 2028, which aims to transform the Company and secure its market leadership. The Company is set to invest heavily in its operations, production network, and distribution model.

BGI management and Castel Group stated that they have decided to move the historical Addis Ababa factory to the recently acquired Meta plant in Sebeta City and the Raya beer factory in Maichew town while the head office remaining in Addis Ababa.

During a press conference held at the Sheraton Addis Hotel, the company spoke about its investment plan that involves increasing production capacity with the relocation of the factory.

“The investment is one of the major projects we are running to make our Company operationally more competitive and continue to provide the best products to our consumers,” said Herve Milhade at the press conference given at Sheraton.

“Our vision is to double our production capacity in the coming years and bring our volume close to 10 million hector liters annually,” said Milhade. “To reach this new ambition we will invest in our people, our products, our operations, our consumers, and the community we live in” added the CEO.

the reason for the relocation of the factory is said to be due to the water supply constraint of Addis Ababa as well as some logistical challenges.

BGI-Ethiopia currently has 3,500 permanent employees and 2,000 casual employees across its seven plants in Ethiopia and pays over 7.4 billion Birr in taxes annually .

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