Better Than Ever, Metahu Delivery Relaunches Brand

All revamped and rebranded, Metahu Delivery, previously known as Metahu Addis, has hit the delivery market once more expecting to solve a wide range of issues that are seen in the sector.

The official launch was held today, 5th of March 2024, after a brief three month pause as the company was working on its new strategy entering the market in its new capacity. 

“We’ve developed a user-friendly mobile app designed to elevate the customer experience,” shared Metahu’s COO, Natnael Gizachew. To further improve the offering, Metahu has boarded popular restaurants, offering a wide range of options for customers.

Metahu’s rebranding efforts focused on not only  the name change but also encompassing optimized services across essential areas: including easy access, which enables customers to effortlessly browse menus and discover nearby restaurants, according to Natnael. 

Online payment integration, customizable orders allowing customers to add extra toppings, sauces, drinks, and more to customize their meal, as well as real-time tracking, are all part of the upgrade.

Besides food delivery, Metahu also provides services such as grocery delivery anywhere in the city.

Metahu’s initial launch was back in 2022 and has since then grown consistently, and it was stated that one of the reasons for the rebranding is to accommodate this growth.

Metahu Delivery’s new app was developed by their in-house team, building upon the previous version. Currently, Metahu has partnerships with over 150 restaurants, planning to expand their network to 250 in one month. The app has over 5000 downloads on Play Store. 

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